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Knowing Your Spiritual Seasons through Prayer

One vital but often overlooked part of an intercessor’s role is to discern and pray in concert with God’s purposes for the different spiritual seasons of life.  To pray through your spiritual seasons and to pray through the spiritual seasons of your church, intercessors must seek God’s supernatural guidance about the seasons or different spiritual time periods we’re in that bring with them unique challenges and opportunities in both our personal lives and in our churches.

How to do this prayer practice.

1. Become educated about spiritual seasons

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Prayer Breakfast Ideas 

Getting the word out about your ministry​​

A Prayer Breakfast is a great way to get the word out about your new ministry. 

Prayer Breakfast Ideas
Holding a Prayer Breakfast is a creative ways to engage the body of Christ in prayer together.  Here are some Prayer Breakfast ideas you can adapt and make your own.

How to Do This Prayer Idea 
1. Use a Prayer Breakfast to add variety to the ways you actively engage others in prayer

Today we need prayer more than ever.  We need it in our lives and we need it in the church if our lives and the church are to stay vital and focused on God’s agenda.

As a Prayer Leader at my church, one of the visions of our ministry is to find ways to engage the body of Christ in prayer.  Holding an occasional Prayer Vigil every now and then is really not enough to send the message to the body that prayer is a vital part of the life of the believer and not only do we need to nourish our personal prayer lives but we must keep prayer vital in the church.  Our mission is to become a culture of prayer in the house of God.
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