Tabernacle Ministries & Prayer Institute
We are a Ministry of Prayer; making disciples through Prayer and Evangelism
Prayer Event Planning
  1. Prayer Breakfast Ideas
    A Prayer Breakfast is a great way to announce your prayer ministry to your church and to y our community. It is also a great event to keep prayer vibrant and at the forefront to your congregation. Tabernacle Ministries & Prayer Institute will work with you from start to finish in planning your first prayer breakfast or your next prayer breakfast. We help you with setting up the entire program including the agenda and ideas that will make for a successful event where prayer is at the forefront while enjoying fellowship and a delicious meal. Contact us so that we can get you started!
  2. Prayer Conference & Workshops
    Tabernacle Ministries & Prayer Institute not only host Prayer Conferences & Workshops to bring the community together in prayer and to encourage prayer leaders and intercessors but we will also in addition to assisting you with prayer event planning will aid you in setting up a prayer conference & will come to your church or ministry establishment to do workshops which vary on many topics. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you with making prayer more vibrant in your church or ministry.
  3. Intercessory Prayer Groups
    Tabernacle Ministries is a ministry that is passionate about prayer. We understand that in order for prayer to be effective in your there needs to be an Intercessory Prayer Ministry in place. There is more to an Intercessory Prayer Ministry than calling some people together to pray. There are many elements that must be in place in order for effective and powerful prayer to go forth that that will keep your church moving in the direction in which God has designed for it to prosper. If you are planning to set up a Prayer Ministry but are not quit sure which way to go , please contact us. We would love to be a part of helping you get your Prayer Ministry started today!